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Environment and safety Medical accident Environment health

I. Environment and safety
(a) Medical accident countermeasure project
Work mode of a medical being engaged person, is analyzed from the point of view in industry hygiene, and a medical accident prevention countermeasure is being researched. In joint research hospital (facilities from the whole country) operation quantity was investigated, then the presentation of the incident report is taken. Failure rate of each operation in each hospital (the probability that it fails) is calculated. The system that a countermeasure is planned based on the risk evaluation of the operation, or nursing operation risk control software was developed. We also pays attention to 3 shift service which is the characteristic labor aspect of the nurse, and relation of the blood sugar levels and the the recognition.
(b) Environment health project

(1) POPs project :

perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) used extensively as a surface processing agents. We research on the polluted conditions in the ecosystem and the effects on human health by the chemical material which is almost never broken in the environment. Knowledge about this pollutants is very much limited, and it is the subject of a pressing need to evaluate a health influence to human. This is joint research with Iwate Prefecturl environmental and health research center.

(2) Long-term environment evaluation project :
In cooperation with Kyoto university international innovation center creative section (Bio-electronic system : Ide lab), and many archeologists

The exposure to the heavy metals of our ancestor in the growth period is reproduced by using the dental enamelum from Jomon era to the modern . For the analysis, Synchrotron Radiation Facility Spring 8 is used.

II. Disease Prevention
(a) Disease prevention based on hereditary sensitivity

1) Sensitivity gene exploration project in the brain aneurysm frequent occurrence family line
@@Cooperation with Kyoto university graduate school of medicine, neurosurgery

The genetic epidemiology study of the familial brain aneurysm. A Japanese has much brain aneurysm, then prevalence of the subarachnoidal hemorrhage due to that explosion15 per 100000 person per yr and a mortality ratio is about 50%. On the other hand, early detection and early treatment became possible due to the progress such as MRI. But, a medical examination program to the general public such as brain screening and so on isn't realistic from the viewpoint of medical economics. We are investigating a sensitivity gene toward the establishment of the cause elucidation of the brain aneurysm and the prevention system.

2) The new gene exploration project of poly cystic kidney disease, PKD

3) Other genetic epidemiology projects

Familial goiter which it pays attention to in the reference of the gene concerned with the endocrine disruptor

Infantile low height
(b) The prevention of the lifestyle-related diseases
Joint research with a study of Kyoto university Institute for frontier medical sciences, department of molecular and cellular biology, Nagata lab
Diabetes is one of the main lifestyle-related diseases in the advanced country. Akita Mouse which we developed, is the mouse that A7cysteine of insulin mutates toword tyrosine, and unfolded proinsulin causes diabetes. But, the mechanism isn't clear. The protein structure of proinsulin and a vital reaction are researched.

Akita Mouse